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:[[Media:DF-Lysandus Sound.wav| ''"Vengeance!"'']] - King Lysandus's shade {{Year|3E 405}}
{{Lore Link|Lysandus|King Lysandus}} also known as '''the Dragon of Daggerfall''' was the ruler of the Kingdom of {{Lore Link|Daggerfall (kingdom)}}.{{ref|name=Daggerfall|Events of ''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]''}} He was the son of King {{Lore Link|Arslan II}} and Queen {{Lore Link|Nulfaga}}, and husband of Queen {{Lore Link|Mynisera}}, with whom he had a son, {{Lore Link|Gothryd}}. As king, Lysandus was a trusted vassal and friend of {{Lore Link|Uriel Septim VII}}.{{ref|name=DFIntro|''[[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]'' opening cinematic}} Although his loyalty to the {{Lore Link|Third Empire|Empire}} was assured, he was not so faithful to Mynisera; the king was secretly in love with his mistress, the court sorceress of Daggerfall, {{Lore Link|Medora Direnni}}.{{ref|name=Daggerfall}}{{ref|name=DFMynisera|[[Daggerfall:Mynisera's Letters|Mynisera's Letters]] quest in ''Daggerfall''}}
During Lysandus' rule, Daggerfall was one of the dominant kingdoms in the {{Lore Link|Iliac Bay}} region, along with {{Lore Link|Sentinel (kingdom)}} and {{Lore Link|Wayrest (kingdom)}}. However, there were often clashes between these powers, and it was a petty land dispute with Sentinel that erupted into the full-scale war that cut short Lysandus' life.{{ref|name=Daggerfall}} The king was killed during the {{Lore Link|War of Betony}} in {{Year|3E 403}}; while the exact details are vague, historians from both sides of the conflict record that when the armies of Daggerfall and Sentinel met at {{Lore Link|Cryngaine Field}}, a mysterious fog descended upon the battlefield. When it lifted, Lysandus was found dead, shot in the throat by an archer's arrow.{{ref|name=NWOB|{{Cite Book|Newgate's War Of Betony}}}}{{ref|name=FWOB|{{Cite Book|Fav'te's War Of Betony}}}}