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<noinclude>{{Lore Artifacts Trail}} __NOTOC__[[File:TR-weapon-Trueflame.jpg|thumb|right|Trueflame (Tribunal)]]</noinclude>
{{Lore Link|Trueflame}}, or '''the Blade of {{Lore Link|Nerevar}}''', is a one-handed {{Lore Link|Dwemer}}i sword from the early {{Lore Link|First Era}}. Trueflame and its twin blade, {{Lore Link|Hopesfire}}, represented the pinnacle of Dwemer craftsmanship. The twin blades possessed unearthly fire enchantments. They were presented as wedding gifts to Lord Indoril Nerevar and [[Lore:Almalexia (god)|Almalexia]] by the Dwemer King {{Lore Link|Dumac}}. Trueflame was shattered during the {{Lore Link|Battle of Red Mountain}} circa {{Year|1E 700}}, and the pieces were lost. It possessed the ability to kill a god if wielded by one of noble intent.{{ref|name=TRAlmalexia|[[Tribunal:Almalexia|Almalexia's]] dialogue in [[Tribunal:Tribunal|Tribunal]].}}
In {{Year|3E 427}}, the {{Lore Link|Nerevarine}} found the pieces and reforged the blade.{{ref|name=Tribunal|Events of [[TR:Tribunal|Tribunal]]}}<noinclude>