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[[File:ON-statue-Morwha's Blessing.jpg|right|thumb|A statue of Morwha]]
'''Morwha''', (also called the '''Teat God''' and '''Lady Morwha''') is the [[Lore:Yokudan|Yokudan]] goddess of fertility and love. She is a fundamental deity in the Yokudan pantheon and is the favorite of wife of [[Lore:Tall Papa|Tall Papa]]. Morwha is always portrayed as four-armed, so that she can 'grab more husbands'.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Varieties of Faith...}}}} Her shrines are the shape of a beehive.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Crafting Motifs 6: The Redguards}}}} She was described by potentate [[Lore:Versidue-Shaie|Versidue-Shaie]] as the lusty fertility goddess of the Yokudans, but not as lusty as [[Lore:Dibella|Dibella]].{{ref|name=SH|{{Cite Book|2920, Sun's Height (v7)}}}}
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