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{{Lore Link|Ogre}}s are large, seemingly dim-witted humanoids found throughout [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]]. Best known for their great strength and foul smell, ogres have steely blue toor greenish skin, pronounced teeth, and elven ears.{{ref|name=Oblivion|Events of Oblivion}} They have shaggy white hair, which can cover the entire body of those found in colder regions.{{ref|name=ESO|Events of ESO}}{{FMI}}<noinclude>
Ogres are considered to be {{Lore Link|goblin-ken}}, and worship {{Lore Link|Malacath}} like the {{Lore Link|Orc}}s. They are often enslaved by other {{Lore Link|race}}s, a practice which angers Malacath.{{ref|name=OBMalacath|[[Oblivion:Malacath|Malacath]]'s dialogue in [[Oblivion:Oblivion|Oblivion]]}} Especially common in {{Lore Link|Cyrodiil}}, ogres are hunter-gatherers who live in small, primitive communities, often inhabiting backwoods and natural caves. Although possessing great strength, they are generally considered nothing more than a nuisance and often steal objects from settlements.{{ref|name=Oblivion}} It has been hypothesized that their grey-blue coloration is a method of camoflague against the sky, although this speculation is considered to have been debunked.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Ogres: A Summary}}}} Though ogre diet is typically meat-based, some outcasts have been observed to practice vegetarianism,{{Ref|name=Orzorga|[[ON:Orzorga|Orzorga]]'s comments about [[ON:Numakelurruz the Radish-Eater|Numakelurruz the Radish-Eater]] in ''[[ON:Thicker Than Water|Thicker Than Water]]''}} to the commitment of stealing vegetables.{{Ref|name=TPS|[[OB:The Potato Snatcher|The Potato Snatcher]] quest}} Ogres are thought to have a culture of a sort, and construct foul, decorative piles of bone where they lair.{{ref|name=ESOAA|[[ON:Atypical Artistry|Atypical Artistry]] quest in ESO: Orsinium}}