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Increasing Health: Update impact of level-up and amount of max health attribute point provides.
==Increasing Health==
The amount of health you have depends on your character's [[Online:Leveling|level]]. Each time you level up, you can choose whether to add ten points to your maximum health or to one of your other [[Online:Attributes|attributesattribute]]will decrease. You can choose to restore 122 points to your maximum health using an attribute point.
Your health attribute can be increased using equipment with a [[Online:Glyph of Health|Glyph of Health]] or [[Online:Glyph of Prismatic Defense|Glyph of Prismatic Defense]] enchantment or skills and items giving the [[Online:Buffs#Toughness|Toughness]] buff. [[Online:Food|Food]] can be used to increase maximum health for some time.