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''The vast continent that is Tamriel evolved with panoply of fits and starts.''
''In the [[Lore:First Era|1st Era]], before the contemporary political divisions were firmly incorporated, destructive wars of conquest and succession, bureaucratic infighting, trade conflicts, and horrible plagues tore the land asunder. Powerful clans took turns controlling Tamriel's 9 provinces. Despite this, the great city-states of [[Lore:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]], [[Lore:Sentinel|sentinelSentinel]], and [[Lore:Wayrest|Wayrest]] sprouted and flourished.''
''The [[Lore:Second Era|2nd Era]] dawned brightly. The growing class of enchanters formed the first [[Lore:Mages Guild|Mages Guild]] early on. The honeymoon lasted but 200 years, for civil wars, insurrection, and assassinations of major political figures came to pass at an alarming rate. The middle years found the dreaded [[Lore:Knahaten Flu|Knahaten Flu]] dominating every aspect of Tamrielian life. Not a single inhabitant was left untouched by this scourge.''
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