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Upon arriving on the island, Cyrus delivered an amulet to [[Lore:Amiel Richton|Lord Richton]] from the [[Lore:Sload|Sload]] necromancer {{Lore Link|N'Gasta}} in order to find out about Iszara's whereabouts. Richton then promptly had him arrested as a rebel and thrown in the palace's catacombs. After fighting his way out, Cyrus learned that a rebel organization named the {{Lore Link|Restless League}} was attempting to overthrow [[Lore:Third Empire|Imperial]] occupation of the island. He made contact with the rebels, and discovered that Iszara had been working with them up until her disappearance. Following a series of clues, Cyrus eventually learned that Iszara had been taken prisoner by N'Gasta, who sold her soul to {{Lore Link|Clavicus Vile}}. Using the {{Lore Link|Flask of Lillandril}}, Cyrus defeated N'Gasta and rescued his sister's soul from the {{Lore Link|Fields of Regret}}, Vile's realm of {{Lore Link|Oblivion}}.{{ref|name=Redguard|Events of ''[[Redguard:Redguard|Redguard]]''}}
During his time on the island, Cyrus also defeated an ogre in the {{Lore Link|goblin}} caverns, retrieved an ancient gear from the [[Lore:Dwemer|Dwarven]] ruins to fix the island's observatory, and helped the {{Lore Link|Yokudan}}s on the island get past N'Gasta's soul snare. After learning that the body of the late {{Lore Link|A'tor|Prince A'tor}} was secretly being kept in stasis by the League, Cyrus returned to the palace catacombs and killed the {{Lore Link|dragon}} {{Lore Link|Nafaalilargus}} to recover the amulet he had originally delivered, which turned out to be the soul gem holding the Prince's soul. The League then attempted to resurrect A'tor, but instead his soul fused with his sword, creating a powerful [[Lore:Artifacts|artifact]] known as the {{Lore Link|Soul Sword}}. Cyrus rallied the disheartened rebels by taking up the sword and leading an attack on the palace. He killed Richton and the assassin [[Lore:Dram|Dram]] as they tried to escape aboard an airship.{{ref|name=Redguard}} With the death of the island's provisional governor, the rebels were able to negotiate a [[Lore:First Treaty of Stros M'Kai|peace treaty]] more favorable to {{Lore Link|Hammerfell}}, although it remained a part of the {{Lore Link|Third Empire}}.{{ref|name=Redguard}}
Very little is known of Cyrus' later life, although he had ambitions of searching for the {{Lore Link|Eye of Argonia}} in {{Lore Link|Black Marsh}}.{{ref|[[Redguard:Tobias|Tobias]]' dialogue}} Some say he sailed west, to lands uncharted. Still, others claim that he took command of the legendary ship ''Dead Man's Dread'' and sailed north to the {{Lore Link|Sea of Ghosts}}, drawn there by the stories of Tobias, where he amassed a great fortune and lived out the rest of his days on calm waters.{{ref|{{Cite book|ns_base=SR|The Restless}}}} The truth of the matter is unknown; by {{Year|3E 39}}, ''Dead Man's Dread'' was captained by an unnamed individual who had come into possession of several relics once belonging to Cyrus, including his sabre and clothing. On the 2nd of Frostfall 3E 39, the crew of ''Dead Man's Dread'' sailed into a subterranean pirates den on {{Lore Link|Blackbone Isle}} to winter there after their captain died in mysterious circumstances. The ship and crew became trapped underground after the entrance to the grotto collapsed that night. It transpired that both the captain's death and the tunnel's collapse were the work of a Forebear named K'avir, who had orchestrated the death of the entire crew due to their allegiance to the Crowns. Realizing their dire circumstances, the crewmembers decided to commit suicide rather than face starvation. They each prayed to {{Lore Link|Arkay}} to bind their souls to the ship, in order to honor their captain's dying wish and protect the relics of Cyrus in undeath.{{ref|{{Cite book|ns_base=SR|Captain's Journal}}}} In {{Year|4E 201}}, the {{Lore Link|Last Dragonborn}} sailed to Blackbone Isle chasing rumors of Cyrus' lost treasure and cleansed the island of undead, claiming both the relics and the ship in the process.{{ref|[[SR:Dead Man's Dread|Dead Man's Dread]] [[SR:Creation Club|Creation]] for [[SR:Skyrim|Skyrim]] [[SR:Special Edition|Special Edition]]}}<noinclude>