Skyrim:Permanent Items

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The default hunting bow that gets added is hidden from the player and you can't take it from the follower by trade or even looting from their corpse. (Tested on Nintendo Switch Skyrim SE ver
#[[Skyrim:Torsten's Skull Key|Torsten's Skull Key]] - only if you do not use it to awaken [[Skyrim:Otar the Mad|Otar the Mad]] (awaken him with shout or rune spell instead)
#[[Skyrim:Specialty_Gear#Guard Equipment|Whiterun guard's armor, shield, helmet, gloves and boots]] - looted from [[Skyrim:Mirmulnir|Mirmulnir]]
#The Hunting Bow(s) Lydia (and possibly other followers) gets every time the Player dismisses and rehires her. <b>The Player may get unlimited amount of these</b>.
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