Online:Customs House

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{{Online Place Summary
|description=a largetwo-storey, [[Online:Redguard|Redguard]]-style building found in [[Online:Sentinel|Sentinel]].
|imgdesc=Customs House
|zone=Alik'r Desert
}}It is on the outskirts of the [[ON:Sentinel Docks|main docks]] and the building is where all shipping and trading matters are overseen. Recently confiscated goods are also stored here.
The book ''[[ON:The Book of Circles, Loredas Maxims|The Book of Circles, Loredas Maxims]]'' can be found on the desk.
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Seize the Moment}}-->
== Residents ==
* [[ON:Ildani|Ildani]] {{intnote|relq}}
* [[Online:|]]-->
* [[ON:Kaman|Kaman]]
* [[ON:Mivam|Mivam]]
* [[ON:Sergeant Azad|Sergeant Azad]]
* [[Online:Watchman Emydal|Watchman Emydal]] {{intnote|docks|±}}
* [[Online:Watchman Jessmyn|Watchman Jessmyn]] {{intnote|docks|±}}
* [[Online:Watchman Pierjean|Watchman Pierjean]] {{intnote|docks|±}}
{{Note|relq||NPC in location during related quest.}}
{{Note|docks|±|Appears at this location after [[ON:Risen From the Depths|Risen From the Depths]] is completed.}}
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== Notes ==