Skyrim:Permanent Items

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List of permanent items
#[[Skyrim:Torsten's Skull Key|Torsten's Skull Key]] - only if you do not use it to awaken [[Skyrim:Otar the Mad|Otar the Mad]] (awaken him with shout or rune spell instead)
#[[Skyrim:Specialty_Gear#Guard Equipment|Whiterun guard's armor, shield, helmet, gloves and boots]] - looted from [[Skyrim:Mirmulnir|Mirmulnir]]
#The Hunting Bow(s) Lydia (and possibly other followers) gets every time the Player dismisses and rehires her. **<b>The Player may get unlimited amount of these**</b>.
'''Note:''' Permanent items prevent corpses from disappearing due to 1-day corpse cleanup. There are other ways for corpses (and actors in general) to disappear, which are **<b>not**</b> prevented by the actor having a permanent item:
#Being respawned when the associated area/dungeon [[Skyrim:Respawning|respawns]] (Hence, only store corpses from the "never resetting" dungeons);
#Being removed by a script, usually at the end of associated quest (example: Necromancers in [[Skyrim:Wolfskull_Cave|the Wolfskull Cave]] during [[Skyrim:The_Man_Who_Cried_Wolf|The Man Who Cried Wolf]]).