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Added info about losing points from attributes on level-up and equipment/consumable buffs.
** Having more maximum stamina will not increase the cost of dodging, blocking, or other combat maneuvers
Each Until level 50, each time you level up, your maximum points for all three attributes will drop by approximately 120 points and the recovery for all three attributes will drop by approximately 5 points. You will also receive one or more Attribute Points that you can choose to increase one attribute by 111 points (122 points for Health). You can choose to increase attributes at a later time. Certain types of armor, weapons, and jewelry will increase your maximum or recovery points as long as you have them on. Food and some potions will increase your maximum points and beverages will increase your recovery for a period of time. Only one food, beverage, or potion effect can be active at a time.
Attribute point assignments can be changed later on at a [[Online:Shrines|Rededication Shrine]] for a (small) cost in gold, or with an {{Item Link|Attribute Respecification Scroll|id=64523|quality=5}}{{Crown Store}} from the [[Online:Crown Store|Crown Store]].