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Hagravens are a horrific cross between an old crone and a bird. Usually they are extremely hostile to outsiders, but they retain the ability to communicate. They are equally dangerous up close or when casting spells from afar.{{ref|Hagraven abilities in in ''[[ON:Online|The Elder Scrolls Online]]'' and ''[[SR:Skyrim|Skyrim]]''}} They can often be found in the company of {{Lore Link|Reachmen}} clans, who often revere hagravens as their Matriarchs and leaders, or dwelling in secret groves and lairs in the wilderness with other witches and hags.{{ref|name=ALBAB|{{Cite Book|A Life Barbaric and Brutal}}}}{{ref|Events of [[ON:Breaking the Coven|Breaking the Coven]] in ''[[ON:Online|The Elder Scrolls Online]]''}} Few creatures match the cunning, depravity, and repulsiveness of the hagravens. They will take through savagery what they cannot win through guile.{{ref|[[SR:Hagraven|Hagraven]]-related [[SR:Loading Screens|Loading screen]] text from ''[[SR:Skyrim|Skyrim]]''}}
Hagravens were once witches, but have undergone a ritual, trading in their humanity for access to powerful magic, and the transformations they undergo infuse their entire beings with some element of that power.{{ref|name=HGTS|{{Cite Book|Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim}}}} The [[Lore:Glenmoril Wyrd|Glenmoril Witches]] of [[Lore:Skyrim|Skyrim]] were known to be hagravens.{{ref|Appearance of the [[SR:Glenmoril Witch|Glenmoril Witches]] during [[SR:Blood's Honor|Blood's Honor]] in ''[[SR:Skyrim|Skyrim]]''}} Hagravens consume people alive, and especially love eating fresh eyeballs.{{ref|name=ADoE|{{Cite Book|A Diet of Eyes}}}}
{{Lore Link|Hagraven Claw|Hagraven claws}} can be used in alchemical concoctions.{{ref|name=HGTS}}
ON-creature-Hagraven 02.jpg|A white hagraven (Online)
SR-creature-Drascua.jpg|Hagraven (Skyrim)
SR-creature-Glenmoril Witch.jpg|A white hagraven (Skyrim)
==See Also==
* For game-specific information, see the [[Skyrim:Hagraven|Skyrim]] and [[Online:Hagraven|ESO]] articles.