Lore:Imperial Legion

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===Senior Officers===
*'''Tribune''', serve in each legion below the rank of legate.{{ref|[[Online:Costumes_B#Battlemage Tribune Armor|Battlemage Tribune armor]] description in ESO}}{{ref|{{Cite Book|Arx Corinium — First Seed Report}}}}
*'''Prefect/Praefect''', serve in legions below the rank of tribune. [[Online:Prefect Calo|Prefect Calo]] led his own cohort known as the [[Lore:Cygnus Irregulars|Cygnus Irregulars]].{{ref|name=calo|[[Online:Prefect_Calo#Dialogue|Prefect Calo's dialogue]]}} [[Lore:Ephrem Benirus|Ephrem Benirus]] was a known governing prefect of [[Lore:Anvil|Anvil]].{{ref|{{Item Link|Letter of Fiscal Absolution|id=79640|level=1|quality=3}}}}. Prefect [[Morrowind:Optio Bologra|Optio Bologra]] was in charge of the Deathshed Legion barracks in [[Lore:Gnisis|Gnisis]] in [[Lore:Vvardenfell|Vvardenfell]].
*'''Quaestor'''{{ref|name=SR|[[Skyrim:Imperial_Legion#Ranks|Imperial Legion Ranks]] in Skyrim}}