Online:Tree-Minder Na-Kesh

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Skills and Abilities
;Barrage of Vines: At 25% health, Na-Kesh enters execute phase, wherein she causes vines to erupt in all directions in an alternating pattern, with spaces between the conal aoes that sprout up. Zigzag out of the way if necessary, though this may be healed through. Na-Kesh can still summon Siphoning Totems and throw Sap at a player to cause Hist Hallucinations during this phase.
During hard mode, she will summon trash mobs in great numbers. Focus on damaging the [[ON:Xit-Xaht Stoneshaper|Stoneshapers]] first, then the Root[[ON:Xit-Xaht Root-Mason|Root-Masons]], then everything else. If an Amber Projection is spawned, kill the adds before killing the phantom, or else you risk having a group member hallucinate or a Siphoning Totem spawn. Adds being present for these mechanics can make the fight more aggravating. Do not let the adds step into her Hist Ponds. Having a Stoneshaper become empowered by Amber Plasm can ruin the fight if you're not careful.
==Quest-Related Events==