Skyrim:Deathbrand Boots

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</noinclude>{{Artifact Summary
|artifacttype=Unique Item
|image=SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Light Boots.png
|imgdesc=Deathbrand Boots
|type=[[Skyrim:Light Armor|Light]] [[Skyrim:Boots|Boots]]
|enchant=''Increases your carrying capacity by 10 for each Deathbrand item you wear.''
* [[Skyrim:Fortify Carry Weight|Fortify Carry Weight]], 10/20/30/40 pts
|perk=[[Skyrim:Ebony Smithing|Ebony]]
The [[Skyrim:Deathbrand Boots|Deathbrand Boots]] are the boots of a set of armor that also includes [[Skyrim:Deathbrand Armor|armor]], [[Skyrim:Deathbrand Gauntlets|gauntlets]] and a [[Skyrim:Deathbrand Helm|helm]]. They can be found in a treasure chest that has been unearthed by [[Skyrim:Reaver|reavers]] to the north-northwest of the [[Skyrim:Earth Stone|Earth Stone]], but only after you find the [[Skyrim:Deathbrand Treasure Map|treasure map]] during the related quest. In appearance, they are identical to [[Skyrim:Stalhrim Light Boots|stalhrim light boots]], and also have the same weight and [[Skyrim:Armor Rating|armor rating]]. Their enchantment [[Skyrim:Fortify Carry Weight|fortifies your carry capacity]] by 10 points for every Deathbrand item you wear, maxing out at 40 points with the entire set equipped. They can be tempered with a piece of [[Skyrim:Stalhrim|stalhrim]], with the [[Skyrim:Ebony Smithing|Ebony Smithing]] perk doubling improvement.
In life, the armor was worn by [[Skyrim:Haknir Death-Brand|its eponymous owner]], an infamous pirate captain. However, on the eve of his death, he drew a map and ordered his quartermaster, [[Skyrim:Garuk Windrime|Garuk Windrime]], to divide his armor and bury a piece at each location throughout [[Skyrim:Solstheim|Solstheim]], as he didn't believe that any of his crew were worthy of succeeding him.{{NewLeft}}
<includeonly>For more information, see the [[Skyrim:Deathbrand Armor|Deathbrand Armor]] article.</includeonly><noinclude>
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