Morrowind Mod:Mod File Format

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Mod files for the TES3 Construction Set are essentially collections of records, which are further divided into fields. Records generally correspond to objects in the construction set (e.g., a creature, a GMSTgame setting, a dialogdialogue entry), with the fine details of the object (e.g., health of a creature, a dialog entry test) being handled by the fields of the record.
WhileInternally, therethe seemsreaders toin beboth somethe flexibilitygame inand the orderingConstruction andSet structuretake the approach of recordslooping inthrough all fields and then taking action based on the filesfield name found. This means that fields can appear in almost any order, theand Constructionunrecognized Setfields clearlywill likesbe toignored. writeThe Construction Set writes files in a specific order, though, which is described below and in the individual record pages. If your application is writing a mod file, it is suggested that you follow this preferred format if possible.
In addition to the fields listed on each record's page, all records support a <code>DELE</code> tag, indicating that a mod is deleting a record from one of its master files. This is always a uint with a 0 value.