Morrowind Mod:Mod File Format

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Mod files for the TES3 Construction Set are essentially collections of records, which are further divided into subrecordsfields. Records generally correspond to objects in the construction set (e.g., a creature, a GMST setting, a dialog entry), with the fine details of the object (e.g., health of a creature, a dialog entry test) being handled by the subrecordsfields of the record.
While there seems to be some flexibility in the ordering and structure of records in the files, the Construction Set clearly likes to write files in a specific order, which is described below. If your application is writing a mod file, it is suggested that you follow this preferred format if possible.
| type || char[4] || Record type
| dataSize || uint64uint32 || Size of data field.
| unused || uint64uint32 || Appears to be completely unused. May have been intended for additional flags.
| flags || uint64uint32 || Flags...
{| class="wikitable"
! Flag
| data || uint8[dataSize] || Data (see subrecords[[#Fields|Fields]], below)
{| class="wikitable" width="100%"
! width="20%" | Name
! width="60%" | Info
| subType || char[4] || SubrecordField type.
| dataSize || uint32 || Size of data field.
| data|| uint8[dataSize] || Data.
* Format depends on record and subrecordfield type.