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|province=High Rock
|name=Cryngaine Field
|appears=[[Daggerfall:Cryngaine Field|Daggerfall]]
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|imgdesc=Map of the Iliac Bay (ca. 3E 405)
[[Lore:Cryngaine Field|Cryngaine Field]] is a region found in southern [[Lore:High Rock|High Rock]]. It is known for its flowering meadowland.{{Ref|name=NWOB|{{Cite Book|Newgate's War Of Betony}}}} It is located near the [[Lore:Anticlere|Fiefdom of Anticlere]], but it is specifically found between the [[Lore:Ravennian Forest|Ravennian Forest]] and the [[Lore:Yeorth Burrowland|Yeorth Burrowland]]. It is most well-known for the [[Lore:Battle of Cryngaine Field|Battle of Cryngaine Field]], the final confrontation in the [[Lore:War of Betony|War of Betony]], between the kingdoms of [[Lore:Daggerfall (kingdom)|Daggerfall]] and [[Lore:Sentinel (kingdom)|Sentinel]].{{Ref|name=NWOB}}{{Ref|name=FWOB|{{Cite Book|Fav'te's War Of Betony}}}}<noinclude>
In {{Year|3E 403}}, Lord {{Lore Link|Graddock}} of Anticlere attempted to host a parlay between King {{Lore Link|Lysandus}} of Daggerfall and King {{Lore Link|Camaron}} of Sentinel, to end the War of Betony on proper terms. However, the meeting went awry and the town was left in ruins. Their armies had split to the Ravennian Forest and the Yeorth Burrowland respectively and met in combat at the Cryngaine Field. In the midst of the battle, the Dowager-Queen {{Lore Link|Nulfaga}} ordered her {{Lore Link|dragon}}-familiar, {{Lore Link|Skakmat}} to shroud the battlefield in an unnatural fog. In the blinding fog, it was reported that King Lysandus was killed by a stray arrow and the War of Betony was over.{{Ref|name=DCN|{{Cite Book|The Daggerfall Chronicles/Narrative|ns_base=Books}}}} Ever since the battle, a monument dedicated to Lysandus was erected in the Cryngaine Field.{{Ref|name=DFMedora|[[Daggerfall:Lysandus' Revelation#Return to Medora|Medora Direnni]]'s dialogue in [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]}}
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