Skyrim:The Battle for Fort Sungard (Stormcloaks)

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{{Bug|If you approach [[Skyrim:Igmund|Jarl Igmund]], [[Skyrim:Raerek|Raerek]], or [[Skyrim:Faleen|Faleen]] in the [[Skyrim:Blue Palace|Blue Palace]] after this quest has been completed, they may attack you on sight. Since all three are essential, they cannot be killed. After the civil war has ended, they will revert back to their non-hostile behavior.|vn=1}}
There is a chance you may not get the [[Skyrim:Achievements|achievement]] [[Skyrim:Civil War#Achievements|War Hero]] even after finishing the [[Skyrim:Civil War|Civil War]] questline due to the results of the quest [[Skyrim:Season Unending|Season Unending]].
==Quest Stages==
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