Lore:Imperial Legion

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Known Legions
*Second Legion — Led by General Nipia, the Second Legion accompanied Varen Aquilarios during the Colovian Revolt, and were headquartered in the vicinity of Bruma during peacetime. After Leovic was disposed of in {{Year|2E 577}}, the Second Legion pursued the Icereach Coven of [[Lore:Reachmen|Reachmen]], who had worked alongside Leovic, into [[Lore:Falkreath|Falkreath]] where many legionaries fled due to the effects of Mother Ciannait's magic. The Optio in charge of this particular regiment was prepared to continue the chase if the High Command of the Second Legion wished for it, but advised the Legate to allow legionaries to return to Cyrodiil. {{ref|name=MTCMC|[[Lore:Meet the Character - Mother Ciannait|Meet the Character - Mother Ciannait]]}} The Imperial War Mastiff is their mascot and symbol.{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Wolf and the Dragon}}}}
*Third Legion — Also known as the '''Faithful Third'''. Helped to put down the Moth Rebellion in the Imperial City in {{Year|2E 857}} alongside [[Lore:Tiber Septim|Tiber Septim's]] honor guard. In {{Year|2E 863}} the forces of the [[Lore:Aldmeri Dominion|Aldmeri Dominion]] caught the Third Legion by surprise and almost destroyed it. The remnants of it made the core of the newly created Ruby Legion stationed in the [[Lore:Nibenay Valley|Nibenay Valley]]. The [[Lore:Tiber_Wars#Sack_of_Senchal|Sack of Senchal]] was carried out by the Third Legion. [[Lore:Attrebus (soldier)|Attrebus]] was a known member.{{ref|name=RGAttrebus|[[Redguard:Attrebus|Attrebus]]' [ biography] on Redguard's old site}}
*Fourth Legion — Led by General Augurius Bucco in {{Year|1E 2811}}, participated in the [[Lore:The Blackwater War|Blackwater War]], the Fourth Legion was completely decimated on the Last Seed 14 {{Year|1E 2820}}. Reformed under General Regulus Sardecus circa {{Year|1E 2823}}, the Fourth Legion had regained all territory that had been lost in [[Lore:Black Marsh|Black Marsh]].{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Blackwater War}}}} A deserter from this legion worked against the forces of Molag Bal during his invasion of the Imperial City, actively destroying the enemy's siege weapons.{{ref|name=QR|[[Online:Quintia Rullus|Quintia Rullus]]' appearance in [[Online:Dousing the Fires of Industry|ESO]]}}