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Service in the Legion is considered a model of Imperial citizenship, and as such requires a high standard of excellence. Influential Imperial military families would often send their children to be trained in legionary academies, such as the {{Lore Link|Topal Legionary Academy}}, where they would be trained to be elite soldiers.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Topal Legionary Academy: A Khajiit's Summary}}}} Legionnaires are typically expected to be at the peak of physical fitness in order to weather the rigors of melee combat and long marches in heavy equipment, demonstrate mastery of blades, polearms, and blunt weaponry, and have great skill in utilizing heavy armor as well as hand-shields.{{ref|name=OL}} The Legion has had multiple [[Lore:Dragon|Dragons]] serve underneath it, such as [[Lore:Nahfahlaar|Nahfahlaar]], who served under [[Lore:Tiber Septim|Tiber Septim]], and [[Lore:Dragonne Papré|Dragonne Papré]].{{ref|{{Cite Book|There Be Dragons}}}}
Legions are known to have their own marching songs.{{ref|{{Item Link|Legionnaire Marching Song|id=145699|level=1|quality=3}}}} [[Lore:Stendarr|Stendarr]] is the Patron of the Imperial Legion.{{ref|name=MWImperial|Dialogue of the [[MW:Imperial Cult|Imperial Cult]] in [[MW:Morrowind|Morrowind]]}}{{Ref|name=TESVSPOGG|{{Cite Book|The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Prima Official Game Guide|ns_base=Books}}}}{{Ref|group=UOL|name=ILS|[ Stendarr]}}
One by one, the provinces were brought into the fold. The [[Lore:Summerset Isle|Summerset Isle]] had never been successfully invaded by the Legion, though they were reportedly more than capable of repulsing elven incursions.{{ref|name=PGE1Ald|{{Cite Book|PGE|1|Aldmeri Dominion}}}} But finally, in {{Year|2E 896}}, Septim's use of the [[Lore:Numidium|Numidium]] brought the homeland of the [[Lore:Altmer|Altmer]] under his control, making him the first true Emperor of Tamriel.{{ref|name=TAH}}
[[File:MW-place-Moonmoth Legion Fort.jpg|thumb|right|A Legion fort in Morrowind]]
===The Third Empire===
Under the Septim Empire, the Imperial Legion regained its reputation as a model military force.{{ref|name=MUT|{{Cite Book|Mixed Unit Tactics}}}} From Morrowind to the Summerset Isles, the Legion helped keep the peace. It had to manage a great deal of insurrection, the many major wars of the [[Lore:Third Era|Third Era]],{{ref|name=BHOTE|{{Cite Book|Brief History of the Empire}}}} and piracy,{{ref|name=CDJ|{{Cite Book|Cap'n Dugal's Journal}}}} not to mention the disastrous invasion of Akavir circa {{Year|3E 288}}.{{ref|name=RDAI}} They developed and maintained a system of garrisons throughout Tamriel, manning and supplying each in accordance with the threats they faced (though some questioned the significance of these threats given the exorbitant cost of maintaining this system).{{ref|name=TEP|{{Cite Book|The Eastern Provinces}}}} During this time, they were known for their close association with the [[Lore:Imperial Cult|Imperial Cult]], which frequently provided services in their forts.{{ref|name=FMGAE|{{Cite Book|For My Gods and Emperor}}}} The Legion maintained a strong presence in Morrowind throughout the Third Era, and it is believed that [[Lore:Dagoth Ur|Dagoth Ur]], before his defeat at the hands of the [[Lore:Nerevarine|Nerevarine]], was preparing for an extended campaign against them utilizing assassination and terror.{{ref|name=DUP|{{Cite Book|Dagoth Ur's Plans}}}}
===={{Year|3EReachmen 427}}of Bthardamz====
[[File:LG-quest-The Betrayal 02.jpg|left|thumb|Porcia Loran amongst the burning Reachmen]]
At an unknown point during the 3rd Era, an Imperial Spymaster of the [[Lore:Blades|Blades]] known as Porcia Loran was in command of an Imperial Legion phalanx that were preparing to wipe out the [[Lore:Reachmen|Reachmen]] Doomfang clan at [[Lore:Bthardamz|Bthardamz]]. However, her past subordinate [[Lore:Talym Rend|Talym Rend]] was forced by [[Lore:Sheogorath|Sheogorath]] to ensure Porcia would go insane.{{ref|[[Legends:Episode 4 Intro (Isle of Madness)|Isle of Madness Episode 4]] intro dialogue}} Talym found a letter with a recipe for poison gas on it, which would be used by the Reachmen in the [[Lore:Dwemer Animunculi|Dwemer Animunculi]] against the Legion's forces, Talym refused to show Porcia this letter resulting in his companion Cyriel leaving him. Regardless of this, Porcia was captured by the Reachmen and found the letter herself, this led her to come to the conclusion that an antidote for the poison could be found at a Grove of [[Lore:Mara|Mara]], using the sacred flowers that grew there. However, the priestesses of Mara refused to let Porcia have the flowers, and so she personally assaulted the Grove for the sacred flowers so that her men could live.{{ref|[[Legends:Grove of Mara|Grove of Mara]] dialogue in Isle of Madness}}
The Legion's alchemists refined these flowers into a gas that was meant to negate the effects of the poison, with the plan being to wait for the Reachmen to release the poison and then deploy the antidote so that no poison would be left for the Reachmen to use. However, due to Talym's betrayal, this gas actually caused large explosions when it reacted with the poison, killing most of the Reachmen and the legionaries. Her mission whilst technically a victory, caused her to retire from the Legion due to the fear of uttering a command that could potentially hurt anyone.{{ref|[[Legends:The Betrayal (Isle of Madness)|The Betrayal]] dialogue in Isle of Madness}}
===={{Year|3E 427}}====
[[File:MW-place-Moonmoth Legion Fort.jpg|thumb|right|A Legion fort in Morrowind]]
The Imperial Legion had a great presence in [[Lore:Vvardenfell|Vvardenfell]] under the Septim Empire, with there being many forts dotted around the island; Fort Darius, Buckmoth Legion Fort, Moonmoth Legion Fort, and Fort Pelagiad were main strategic locations. [[Lore:Pelagiad|Pelagiad]] itself was founded by Legion veterans that had retired.{{ref|''Pelagiad'' dialogue option in Morrowind}}
*Fourth Legion — Led by General Augurius Bucco in {{Year|1E 2811}}, participated in the [[Lore:The Blackwater War|Blackwater War]], the Fourth Legion was completely decimated on the Last Seed 14 {{Year|1E 2820}}. Reformed under General Regulus Sardecus circa {{Year|1E 2823}}, the Fourth Legion had regained all territory that had been lost in [[Lore:Black Marsh|Black Marsh]].{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Blackwater War}}}} A deserter from this legion worked against the forces of Molag Bal during his invasion of the Imperial City, actively destroying the enemy's siege weapons.{{ref|name=QR|[[Online:Quintia Rullus|Quintia Rullus]]' appearance in [[Online:Dousing the Fires of Industry|ESO]]}}
[[File:LG-cardart-Fifth Legion Trainer.png|A Fifth Legion trainer|thumb|right]]
*Fifth Legion — Led by Captain Lampronius circa {{Year|2E 582}}, who trained recruits. The Fifth Legion was recreated in {{Year|3E 288}} and participated in the Invasion of Akavir as one of the initial landing legions. Fifth Legion Porter, an alcoholic beverage, is named after them.{{ref|name=RDAI}}
There are a few artifacts that are commonly associated with the Legion such as the [[Lore:Lord's Mail|Lord's Mail]] which is considered sacred to the Legion{{ref|name=LM|[[Morrowind:Lord's Mail (quest)|Lord's Mail]] quest in Morrowind}}{{ref|{{Cite Book|Letter to General Tullius}}}}, the [[Lore:Boots of the Apostle|Boots of the Apostle]] which belonged to Tiber Septim{{ref|[[Tribunal:Torasa Aram|Torasa Aram]]'s dialogue in Tribunal}}, the [[Lore:Ward of Akavir|Ward of Akavir]]{{ref|[[Morrowind:Siege at Firemoth (quest)|Siege at Firemoth]] quest in Morrowind}}, the Dragon's Oath, Akatosh's Talon,{{ref|[[Skyrim:Civil War Champions|Civil War Champions]] creation in Skyrim}} and [[Lore:Chrysamere|Chrysamere]].{{ref|name=LM}}
==Known Legion Forts==
*Arrius Keep — A keep in northeastern Cyrodiil, northeast of the Imperial City. Played a strategic role in the Alliance War.
*Ashfallow Citadel — An Imperial fort in eastern [[Lore:Solstheim|Solstheim]]. It was occupied by the [[Lore:Morag Tong|Morag Tong]] in {{Year|4E 201}} before being cleared out.
*[[Lore:Bleaker's Way|Bleaker's Outpost]]
*Blue Road Keep — A keep in central Cyrodiil, found on the [[Lore:Blue Road|Blue Road]].
*Castle Bloodmayne — A keep in southern Cyrodiil. Played a strategic role in the Alliance War, where it was occupied by the Aldmeri Dominion.
*Castle Brindle — A keep in western Cyrodiil. Brindle acts as a protector for the nearby town of [[Lore:Vlastarus|Vlastarus]].
*Drakelowe Keep — A keep in eastern Cyrodiil. Drakelowe acts as a protector for the nearby town of [[Lore:Cropsford|Cropsford]].
*Empire Tower — A tower located southwest of Fort Aleswell in central Cyrodiil. During the Three Banners War, the [[Lore:Goblin|Goblin]] Rock Bone Tribe camped here.
*[[Lore:Fort Alessia|Fort Alessia]]
*Fort Aleswell — A keep in central Cyrodiil along the [[Lore:Red Ring Road|Red Ring Road]]. The town of [[Lore:Aleswell|Aleswell]] is southeast of the fort.
*Fort Ash — A keep in central Cyrodiil.
*Fort Black Boot — A small fort between [[Lore:Bravil|Bravil]] and [[Lore:Skingrad|Skingrad]]. During the Oblivion Crisis, the fort was occupied by hostile conjurers.
*[[Lore:Fort Blueblood|Fort Blueblood]]
*Fort Buckmoth — A fort south of [[Lore:Ald'ruhn|Ald'ruhn]], home to the Buckmoth Legion.
*[[Lore:Fort Chalman|Fort Chalman]]
*Fort Darius — A fort built into the hillside of [[Lore:Gnisis|Gnisis]], home of the Deathshead Legion
*Fort Dragonclaw — A keep in northern Cyrodiil. During the Three Banners War, the Daggerfall Covenant controlled it.
*[[Lore:Dunstad Grove|Fort Dunstad]]
*Fort Faleria — A legendary fort built under the Alessian Empire. Tribune's Folly, an Imperial ruin east of [[Lore:Anvil|Anvil]] is suspected of being this fort.{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Lost Fort Faleria}}}}
*[[Lore:Fort Farragut|Fort Farragut]]
*[[Lore:Fort Firemoth|Fort Firemoth]]
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