Lore:Brothers of Strife (place)

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The ruins were originally built as a Daedric shrine by the Daedra-worshipping Chimer. In the {{Lore Link|Merethic Era}}, the ruins were the location of the Chimer army's last stand after {{Lore Link|Nede}}s from {{Lore Link|Skyrim}} conquered all of Stonefalls. Despite the dangers, the Chimer performed a dark ritual to summon the Brothers of Strife as a last resort, using {{Lore Link|Flame Atronach|flame atronach}} essences and the hearts of their Nedic enemies, and offering two of their leaders as sacrifices. The monsters succeeded in crushing the Nedes and liberating Stonefalls, but continued to rampage, forcing the Chimer to bind them atop {{Lore Link|Ash Mountain}} and the {{Lore Link|Tormented Spire}}. The spirits of {{Lore Link|General Balreth}} and {{Lore Link|Legate Sadal}}, the two Chimer who were sacrificed, lingered at the ruins. Statues were later built to commemorate their sacrifice.{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Brothers of Strife}}}}
In {{Year|2E 582}}, a researcher from {{Lore Link|Great House Telvanni}} named Sorcerer Vunal came to the Brothers of Strife to learn what had happened during the battle. However, Daedric magic still permeated the area, and he was driven off by the many {{Lore Link|scamp}}s that are constantly summoned to the ruins. The [[{{Lore:Hero Link|Soullessthe One]]Vestige|Vestige}} later arrived at the ruins, and helped Vunal collect heart stones to establish a link to the past. Through contacting the spirits of the Chimer generals and ritualistically offering the heart stones at a Daedric altar, the Soulless OneVestige was shown a vision of the past, allowing Vunal to complete his research.{{ref|name=ESO|Events of [[ON:Online|ESO]]}}<noinclude>