Lore:Imperial Legion

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The Hawkmoth Legion was mostly involved in matters involving the [[Lore:Ordinator|Ordinators]] and [[Lore:Buoyant Armiger|Buoyant Armigers]]. With the legion being accused of having no courtesy by the Armigers{{ref|[[Morrowind:Courtesy|Courtesy]] quest in Morrowind}}, and with an Ordinator spreading lies about the legion.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Suryn Athones|Suryn Athones]]'s dialogue in Morrowind}} The legion resolved the strained relationship with the Armigers by beating one of their members in a contest of wit, poetry, and honor. The Ordinator that had been spreading lies was slain by the legion.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Suryn Athones' Slanders|Suryn Athones' Slanders]] quest in Morrowind}} The Ordinators also attempted to kill an Imperial Knight that had been accused of murder, this attempt on his life was stopped by the legion so that he could get a fair trial in the mainland instead.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Saprius Entius (quest)|Saprius Entius]] quest in Morrowind}}
The Buckmoth Legion prevented illegal trading of [[Lore:Dwemer|Dwemer]] artifacts due to all Dwemer artifacts being considered as the Emperor's property.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Dwemer Artifacts at Drinar Varyon's Place|Dwemer Artifacts at Drinar Varyon's Place]] quest in Morrowind}} It also saved a knight of the Order of [[Lore:Castle Ebonheart|Ebonheart]] and assisted the Armigers in preventing a scandal involving an affair.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Maiden's Token|Maiden's Token]] quest in Morrowind}}
The Moonmoth Legion assisted the [[Lore:Nerevarine|Nerevarine]] by giving them supplies due to the influence of the Grand Spymaster of the [[Lore:Blades|Blades]], Caius Cosades.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Meet Sul-Matuul|Meet Sul-Matuul]] quest in Morrowind}} Larrius Varro, a Legion Champion, was also present at Moonmoth, with him tasking a legionnaire to kill a Nord who had been robbing travelers near [[Lore:Hla Oad|Hla Oad]].{{ref|[[Morrowind:Fjol the Outlaw|Fjol the Outlaw]] quest in Morrowind}} Varro also tasked the Nerevarine with killing five members of the [[Lore:Camonna Tong|Camonna Tong]] in [[Lore:Balmora|Balmora]], as the local magistrate was corrupt and was taking gold from the Camonna Tong to reduce criminals sentences and fines, after they were killed, Varro rewarded the Nerevarine with the [[Lore:Ring of Surroundings|Ring of Surroundings]] and informed the Emperor of their deeds.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Larrius Varro Tells a Little Story|Larrius Varro Tells a Little Story]] quest in Morrowind}} The Moonmoth Legion rescued a Breton priest who had been kidnapped by the [[Lore:Erabenimsun|Erabenimsun]] Ashlanders{{ref|[[Morrowind:Rescue Jocien Ancois|Rescue Jocien Ancois]] quest in Morrowind}}, they also rescued an Imperial citizen from raiders near [[Lore:Gnaar Mok|Gnaar Mok]]{{ref|[[Morrowind:Rescue Dandsa|Rescue Dandsa]] quest in Morrowind}}. Gnaar Mok also had a problem with a pair of breeding [[Lore:Netch|Netch]] that had become aggressive and were a threat to the village, which the Legion solved by killing them both. Furthermore, the Legion also dealt with a necromancer known as Sorkvild the Raven, in an effort to prove to the Dunmer that the Legion would root out necromancers no matter where they hide.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Sorkvild the Raven (quest)|Sorkvild the Raven]] quest in Morrowind}}