Lore:Fourth Era

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==Second Century==
{{History Entry
|circaCirca 4E 100|[[Lore:Artaeum|Artaeum]] disappears.|For the second time in recorded history, the island Artaeum, home of the [[Lore:Psijic Order|Psijic Order]], vanishes.}}{{History Entry
|4E 100|The Void Nights end, with the Thalmor taking credit for the return of Nirn's moons.|The Khajiit credit the Thalmor as their saviors and Imperial influence in Elsweyr begins to wane dramatically.}}{{History Entry
|4E 115|The Elsweyr Confederacy becomes the two kingdoms of Anequina and Pelletine, which the Aldmeri Dominion accepts as client states.}}{{History Entry
|4E 122|Most of [[Lore:Winterhold (city)|Winterhold]] collapses into the sea during an event known as the [[Lore:Great Collapse|Great Collapse]].|The citizens blame the College of Winterhold due to its remaining unscathed when everything around it falls into the [[Lore:Sea of Ghosts|Sea of Ghosts]]. The College denies this, theorizing that the collapse is tied to the destruction of Vivec and eruption of the Red Mountain.}}{{History Entry
|4E 129|[[Lore:Riften|Riften]] is razed during an uprising against its Jarl.|Hosgunn Crossed-Daggers controversially ascended to Riften's throne in 4E 98 and instituted harsh taxes for his personal benefit. The citizens rebel and burn Hosgunn's castle to the ground with him inside, but the fire spreads to the rest of the city. Riften is rebuilt over the next five years, but remains little more than a "glorified fortress" of "wooden structures and rough stonework" compared to the sprawling city of old.}}{{History Entry
|4E 130|Lleril Morvayn uses his personal wealth to repair the Bulwark, a barricade which protects Raven Rock from ash storms.|minor=yes}}{{History Entry
|4E 171|The [[Lore:Great War|Great War]] begins with armies from the [[Lore:Aldmeri Dominion|Aldmeri Dominion]] invading the Imperial provinces of Hammerfell and Cyrodiil.|After Titus II rejects an ultimatum to make massive concessions to the Thalmor, Aldmeri armies invade. An army led by Thalmor general [[Lore:Naarifin|Lord Naarifin]] emerges from hidden camps in northern Elsweyr and assaults southern Cyrodiil, flanking Imperial defenses along the Valenwood border. Leyawiin falls to the invaders, and Bravil is surrounded and besieged. Simultaneously, an army under Lady Arannelya crosses western Cyrodiil, bypassing Anvil and Kvatch and entering Hammerfell. This army is joined by smaller forces landing on Hammerfell's coast. Imperial troops are forced into retreat across the Alik'r Desert, in an event known as the March of Thirst.}}{{History Entry
|4E 174|The Imperial City is sacked by Aldmeri forces.|Titus II flees north from the city, smashing through the surrounding Aldmeri forces with his main army and linking up with reinforcements heading south from Skyrim under General Jonna. The Imperial City falls to the invaders. The Imperial Palace is burned, White-Gold Tower is looted, and the Aldmeri commit many atrocities against the defenseless populace.}}{{History Entry
|4E 174|The {{Lore Link|Reachmen}} rebel, taking over [[Lore:The Reach|the Reach]].|With the Empire busy fighting the Thalmor, [[Lore:Markarth|Markarth]] is left undefended. The Reachmen take the opportunity to overthrow the Nords of the Reach, retaking Thethe Reach easily. The changeover is relatively peaceful, with only a few of the harshest Nord landowners being put to death.}}{{History Entry
|4E 175|The Battle of the Red Ring results in the complete destruction of the main Aldmeri force in Cyrodiil, a victory for the Empire precipitating the end of the Great War.|The Imperial City is retaken and Titus II's decision to withdraw from it the previous year is vindicated. Despite this resounding victory, however, the Empire is exhausted and unable to continue the war. Realizing this, Titus II seeks to negotiate with the Aldmeri Dominion to end the war.}}{{History Entry
|4E 175|The Elder Scrolls mysteriously disappear from the Imperial Library.|The Elder Scrolls are scattered across Tamriel by forces unknown. Members of the [[Lore:Ancestor Moth Cult|Cult of the Ancestor Moth]] set out to search for them.}}{{History Entry
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