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A New Legion
===A New Legion===
Once the province was reunited again under the god-hero [[Lore:Reman|Reman I]] circa {{Year|1E 2703}}, his legions spent the last two centuries of the First Era reestablishing an Empire of Man in Tamriel.{{ref|name=PGE3Other|{{Cite Book|PGE|3|Other Lands}}}}{{ref|name=2920L|{{Cite Book|2920, The Last Year of the First Era}}}} The Imperial Legion as it is known in modern times first appeared under the [[Lore:Second Empire|Second Empire]], thanks to the influence of the [[Lore:Akavir|Akavir]]i [[Lore:Dragonguard|Dragonguard]]. Their weaponry, methods, and rigid discipline turned the Imperial Legion into the unparalleled fighting force which was able to conquer every region of mainland Tamriel (save for Morrowind). By the end of the era, the [[Lore:Summerset Isle|Summerset Isle]] was the only modern-day province which had no Legion presence.{{ref|name=PGE1C}} A known member of a Reman era Legion was [[Lore:Luciana Pullo|Luciana Pullo]], a battlemage and lieutenant during the Akavari troubles and Valenwood annexation.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Meet the Character - Proctor Luciana}}}}
Under the [[Lore:Akaviri Potentate|Akaviri Potentate]]s at the beginning of the [[Lore:Second Era|Second Era]], the Imperial Legion achieved something unthinkable: they became the only fighting force in the Empire. In {{Year|2E 283}}, when faced with widespread rebellion, Potentate [[Lore:Versidue-Shaie|Versidue-Shaie]] declared martial law, demanding that all of his vassals dissolve their armies. After thirty-seven years and enormous sacrifice, the Imperial Legion had quelled all who did not obey, wiping out any organized resistance to them within the Empire. They were the only army in the land.{{ref|name=HOTFG|{{Cite Book|History of the Fighters Guild}}}}
[[File:LG-cardart-Empire Oathman.png|Second Empire legionaries|right|thumb]]
===Puppets of Pretenders===
During the [[Lore:Interregnum|Interregnum]] of the Second Era, after the dissolution of the Second Empire, the Imperial Legion became the instrument of various warlords in Cyrodiil, notably the infamous [[Lore:Tharn|Tharn]] family. Many disparaged the Legion around Tamriel during this time, claiming that it no longer exemplified the superb qualities it had in the past.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Bangkorai, Shield of High Rock}}}} At the beginning of the [[Lore:Planemeld|Planemeld]], all Legions were recalled to the [[Lore:Imperial City|Imperial City]],{{ref|name=IRO|{{Cite Book|ns_base=ON|Imperial Recall Orders}}}}, but many couldn't make it to [[Lore:City Isle|City Isle]] and instead set up isolated camps throughout the [[Lore:Heartlands|Heartlands]] as the [[Lore:Alliance War|Alliance War]] raged around them.{{ref|name=ESO|Events of [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} Legionnaires who were in the Imperial City when the Anchors began to drop were given the option to swear fealty to [[Lore:Molag Bal|Molag Bal]] by drinking the "{{Future Link|Blood of Coldharbour}}", a poison that would slowly turn the imbibers into [[Lore:Mind-Shriven|Mind-Shriven]].{{ref|[[ON:Captain Regilus|Captain Regilus]]' dialogue}} Many instead chose death, but those who turned traitor formed a new regiment called {{Future Link|Legion Zero}}.{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Drake of Blades Answers Your Questions}}}} Legion Zero cooperated with the [[Lore:Xivkyn|Xivkyn]] occupiers, and transformed the Elven Gardens District into a workshop for constructing siege equipment for the Daedric forces.{{ref|name=DFI|[[Online:Dousing the Fires of Industry|Dousing the Fires of Industry]] quest in ESO}}