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[[File:LG-cardart-Tullius' Conscription.png|An Imperial Legion|thumb|left]]
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The Legion is divided into structured and disciplined military units; the primary, and largest, of which is the Legion, which is further divided into Cohorts.{{ref|name=AALL|{{Cite Book|An Ancient Love Letter|ns_base=Online}}}} Legions are numbered for identification, and each possesses a proud history and sub-culture. Of note, for example, is the 10th Legion, which was destroyed in the Imperial invasion of [[Lore:Akavir|Akavir]].{{ref|name=RDAI|{{Cite Book|Report: Disaster at Ionith}}}} The [[Lore:ShadowImperial LegionBattlemages|ShadowImperial LegionBattlemages]] consistsare a rich tradition of battlemageswar andmages focusestrained onin the schoolssupport of [[Lore:Magic|Magic]]the Legions. All facets of warfare are accounted for in Legionary operations, and the Legion employs large numbers of highly-specialized troops in conjunction with one another to achieve victory, among them archers, light and heavy cavalry, battlemages, and healers.{{ref|name=RDAI}}{{ref|name=RQOR|{{Cite Book|Report: Quality of Recruits|ns_base=Online}}}} Imperial Battlemages are often mixed with other legions, but also form cohorts under a Battlemage Palatine, who acts as the commander of the cohort.{{ref|[[Online:Costumes#Battlemage Palatine Armor|Battlemage Palatine]] armor description in ESO}} Imperial organizations, such as the Imperial Society, requisition legionnaire support as needed for their endeavors.{{ref|name=TROK|{{Cite Book|Ruins of Kemel-Ze}}}} A special Legion platoon comprises the guard of any Duke in the province of Morrowind, the Duke of Vvardenfell, for instance. These soldiers are among the best the Legion has to offer; the most accomplished soldiers of the Duke's guard have the honor of serving as personal Palace guard to the King of Morrowind.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Duke Vedam Dren|Duke Vedam Dren]]'s guards in Morrowind}} The Legion was also known to have an expeditionary force, that was known to have put down tribal uprisings in [[Lore:Black Marsh|Black Marsh]].{{ref|''Peace in Black Marsh'' dialogue option in Morrowind}}
Tying into the Legion's versatility is its non-discriminatory policy of recruitment. The Legion recruits individuals of all races and creeds into its ranks and benefits from the diversity of skills they all bring (although men form the vast majority). The Legion's strict standards of recruitment choose candidates for service on the bases of endurance, soldierly virtue, and trustworthiness, among others. [[Lore:Orc|Orcs]] earned citizenship by service in the legions, and have come to be prized by the Imperial Legion for their skills in smithing and heavy armor.{{ref|[[Oblivion:Orc|Orc]] racial description in Oblivion}} The Legion is one of the very few groups to treat the Orcs well.{{ref|[[Skyrim:Moth gro-Bagol|Moth gro-Bagol]]'s dialogue in Skyrim}}{{ref|{{Cite Book|Centurion's Signet}}}} [[Lore:Kothringi|Kothringi]] were known to be a large part of the Imperial garrison of [[Lore:Gideon|Gideon]].{{ref|{{Cite Book|2920, Morning Star (v1)}}}}
*Eighteenth Legion – Captain Evernal was a known member of the Eighteenth Legion, with him having a badge displaying this fact.{{ref|name=TIC}}
*[[Lore:ShadowImperial LegionGuard|ShadowImperial LegionGuard]] – AReferred divisionto thatas consistsa of'shadow legion', the Imperial BattlemagesGuard served as the personal protectors of the Emperor.
*[[Lore:Cygnus Irregulars|Cygnus Irregulars]] – Led by Prefect Calo
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