Lore:Fourth Era

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*Auriel's bow is found, and Lord Harkon is slain.{{ref|name=Skyrim}}}}{{History Entry
|4E 201|[[Lore:Miraak|Miraak]], the first Dragonborn, awakens on [[Lore:Solstheim|Solstheim]].
*After being intercepted by cultists, the Last Dragonborn travels to the island of Solstheim and is challenged by Miraak.{{ref|name=Dragonborn|Events of [[DragonbornSkyrim:Dragonborn|Dragonborn]]}}
*The Last Dragonborn defeats Miraak after gaining forbidden knowledge from [[Lore:Apocrypha|Apocrypha]].{{ref|name=Dragonborn}}}}{{History Entry
|4E 201|The [[Lore:Ebony|ebony]] mines of [[Lore:Raven Rock|Raven Rock]] reopen after an investigation reveals an old draugr crypt and large amounts of ebony.{{ref|name=Dragonborn}}|minor=yes}}{{History Entry