Lore:Skaal Village

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|imgdesc=Skaal Village circa {{Year|4E 201}}
|appears=[[Bloodmoon:Skaal Village|Bloodmoon]], [[DragonbornSkyrim:Skaal Village|Dragonborn]]
}}[[File:BM-place-Skaal Village.jpg|thumb|right|Skaal Village circa {{Year|3E 427}}]]</noinclude>
[[Lore:Skaal Village|Skaal Village]] is home to the [[Lore:Skaal|Skaal]], a nature-worshipping tribe of [[Lore:Nord|Nord]]s. The village is located in the [[Lore:Felsaad Coast|Felsaad Coast]] region of [[Lore:Solstheim|Solstheim]], north of the Mead Hall of [[Lore:Thirsk|Thirsk]], and is the northernmost settlement in Tamriel. It consists of small, sturdy wooden dwellings, arranged around a central {{Future Link|Greathall}} which hosts feasts and other gatherings. Clad in traditional {{Future Link|Nordic Mail|Nordic mail}} armor, Skaal Honor Guards protect the village from intruders, man and beast alike. At first, the villagers of Skaal are not very friendly to outsiders, but they are more welcoming once they accept you.
==See Also==
*For game-specific information, see the [[Bloodmoon:Skaal Village|Bloodmoon]] and [[DragonbornSkyrim:Skaal Village|Dragonborn]] articles.