Skyrim:Nix-Hound (creature)

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This ability will start working as soon as the creation has been activated - you can receive items from the hound even before you have purchased it{{vn|See bugs}}. Four to eight hours of game time after becoming active, you will get your first ingredient. Thereafter, every 16 to 25 hours of game time you have an 80% chance of again getting an ingredient.
The ingredients will be randomly chosen from two leveled lists appropriate to the area you are currently in - the hound distinguishes between being either in Solstheim, or not. For example, you can get [[DB:Ash Hopper Jelly|Ash Hopper Jelly]] while in Solstheim, but not while in mainland Skyrim. Other than that, any [[SR:Ingredients|base game ingredient]] or [[DBSkyrim:Ingredients#Dragonborn|Dragonborn ingredient]] can be gifted to you - but not ingredients added either through [[SR:Dawnguard Items#Alchemy|Dawnguard]] or [[SR:Hearthfire Items#Ingredients|Hearthfire]].
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