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===The War of the First Council===
Through means lost to history, Voryn Dagoth learned of the Dwemer High Craftlord {{Lore Link|Kagrenac}}'s plan to secretly exploit the Dwemer's discovery, the {{Lore Link|Heart of Lorkhan}}, which the Chimer would not have tolerated, considering it blasphemous. Dagoth told Nerevar of this plan, and when Nerevar confronted his friend Dumac about it, relations broke down.{{ref|name=TBORM}} Some sources suggest that the whole matter may have been the result of a misunderstanding, as Dumac may not have known about Kagrenac's plan until it was too late.{{ref|name=NARM}} At the outset, Nerevar had to once again convince the Chimer factions to band together under his leadership.{{ref|name=TWOTFC|{{Cite Book|The War of the First Council}}}} Dwemeri technology undoubtedly made them the most fearsome military force on Tamriel, and though the Chimer were skilled in fighting and {{Lore Link|magic}}, they suffered numerous defeats in northern Resdayn until they finally once again united under Nerevar.{{ref|name=TRN}}{{ref|name=TWOTFC}}
[[File:DBSR-place-Vvardenfell.jpg|thumb|right|The Red Mountain of Vvardenfell]]
It is unknown just how long the war dragged on, but through strategy, trickery, and the judicious use of Ashlander scouts, Nerevar orchestrated another climactic confrontation at Red Mountain. The battle would ultimately be another decisive victory for the Chimer, even though it would claim many lives, including Nerevar's. The Heirographa, the orthodox teachings of the Tribunal Temple, held that Nerevar, with the help of Azura and the Tribunal, utilized the Heart of {{Lore Link|Lorkhan}} to make the Dwemer disappear.{{ref|name=NARM}}{{ref|name=POT|{{Cite Book|Progress of Truth}}}} Some Ashlander accounts corroborate that Nerevar and Azura made the Dwemer disappear,{{ref|name=NARM}} but generally hold that the Dwemer destroyed themselves.{{ref|name=POT}} Sources conflict on many other aspects of the war, in particular the role of House Dagoth and whether Voryn Dagoth remained loyal to Nerevar.{{ref|name=SN}}{{ref|name=MFDU}}{{ref|name=FSOKW|{{Cite Book|Five Songs of King Wulfharth}}}}