Lore:Imperial Legion

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Known Legions: m
*Fourth Legion — Led by General Augurius Bucco in {{Year|1E 2811}}, participated in the [[Lore:The Blackwater War|Blackwater War]], the Fourth Legion was completely decimated on the Last Seed 14 {{Year|1E 2820}}. Reformed under General Regulus Sardecus circa {{Year|1E 2823}}, the Fourth Legion had regained all territory that had been lost in [[Lore:Black Marsh|Black Marsh]].{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Blackwater War}}}} A deserter from this legion worked against the forces of Molag Bal during his invasion of the Imperial City, actively destroying the enemy's siege weapons.{{ref|name=QR|[[Online:Quintia Rullus|Quintia Rullus]]' appearance in [[Online:Dousing the Fires of Industry|ESO]]}}
[[File:LG-cardart-Fifth Legion Trainer.png|A Fifth Legion trainer|thumb|right]]
*Fifth Legion — Led by Captain Lampronius incirca {{Year|2E 582}}, who trained recruits. The Fifth Legion was recreated in {{Year|3E 288}} and participated in the Invasion of Akavir as one of the initial landing legions. Fifth Legion Porter, an alcoholic beverage, is named after them.{{ref|name=RDAI}}
*Sixth Legion — Little is known of the Sixth Legion, with only one known member, Antonia Gratas, who was stranded in [[Lore:Craglorn|Craglorn]] and so followed Legion protocol by selling any surplus equipment to secure passage back to her Legion.{{ref|[[Online:Antonia Gratas|Antonia Gratas]]'s dialogue in ESO}}
*Legion of Chorrol – The Legion based in Chorrol during {{Year|2E 576}}, participated in [[Lore:Varen's Rebellion|Varen's Rebellion]] and helped to overthrow [[Lore:Leovic|Emperor Leovic]].{{ref|{{Cite Book|Eulogy for Emperor Varen}}}}
*Legion of the West Weald – An Imperial Legion from [[Lore:Colovia|Colovia]] led by General Lavinia duringcirca {{Year|2E 582}}. The Legion had annexed [[Lore:Arenthia|Arenthia]] and had planned to take over the [[Lore:Northern Woods|Northern Woods]].{{ref|name=YFTT|{{Cite Book|Yours for the Taking!}}}}
*Deathshead Legion – An Imperial Legion based in [[Lore:Gnisis|Gnisis]] in {{Year|3E 427}} led by General Darius. It consisted primarily of [[Lore:Orc|Orcs]].{{ref|[[Morrowind:Darius|Darius]]'s dialogue in Morrowind}}