Lore:Imperial Legion

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Known Legions: +Eighth Legion
*Seventh Legion — One of the Imperial Legions, they had taken control of Southern Bangkorai in {{Year|2E 583}}. They later participated in the Invasion of Akavir in {{Year|3E 288}} as one of the initial landing legions.{{ref|name=RDAI}} In the 4th Era the Seventh Legion, along with the Fifteenth Legion defended Orsinium.{{ref|name=LOF}}
*Eighth Legion — Fought a desperate and doomed rearguard action on the walls of the Imperial City in {{Year|4E 174}}, while Titus II broke out of the city to the north with his main army.{{ref|name=TGW}}
*Ninth Legion — Part of the first group of Imperial troops sent to Black Marsh, the legion was lost in Tsofeer Cavern in Murkmire.{{ref|name=LON|{{Cite Book|Legion Officer's Notebook}}}} The Ninth Legion was recreated sometime before {{Year|3E 288}} and participated in the Invasion of Akavir as reinforcements.{{ref|name=RDAI}}
*Diamond Marines – A division that participated in the [[Lore:The Blackwater War|Blackwater War]].{{ref|name=TBW|[[Lore:The Blackwater War, Volume 7|The Blackwater War, Volume 7]]}}
==Imperial Legion Ranks==
===General Officers===