Lore:Imperial Legion

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{{Year|3E 433}}
During the [[Lore:Oblivion Crisis|Oblivion Crisis]], the Legion mainly found itself engaged in a stalling action against the incredible onslaught of [[Lore:Mehrunes Dagon|Mehrunes Dagon]]. Leyawiin's Count in Cyrodiil complained that High Chancellor [[Lore:Ocato|Ocato]] was inordinately concerned with other provinces even as {{Future Link|Oblivion Gate}}s opened throughout the Imperial Province itself.{{ref|[[OB:Count Marius Caro|Count Marius Caro]]'s dialogue in Oblivion}} The denizens of Morrowind's Great House Redoran claimed that the Legions were recalled to Cyrodiil instead.{{ref|name=DBAdril|[[Dragonborn:Adril Arano|Adril Arano]]'s dialogue in [[Dragonborn:Dragonborn|Dragonborn]].}} Due to the Legion focusing on the other provinces, Martin Septim could not count on Legion support during the battle at the Great Gate at Bruma.{{Ref|name=BrumaAllies|Events of [[Oblivion:Allies for Bruma|Allies for Bruma]]}}
A company of Legion soldiers were traveling to the Imperial City during the Crisis in order to protect it from the Daedra, however, an Oblivion Gate opened in the middle of them, killing half of them. The Imperial Captain, Tertius Ione managed to save the rest and temporarily retreated, he then mustered together local farmers and hunters from the surrounding areas and from [[Lore:Pell's Gate|Pell's Gate]]. Ione returned with his remaining legionaries and freshly recruited auxiliary forces and slaughtered the Daedra, he then entered the Gate with about 52 men, whilst the other half guarded the gate. Due to Ione's sacrifice, a [[Lore:Bosmer|Bosmer]] named Fenton was successful in closing the Gate. The remaining Legion soldiers settled the area and named the settlement [[Lore:Ione|Ione]] in the Legion Captain's honour.{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Infernal City}}|Part Two Chapter Three}}
On the island of [[Lore:Solstheim|Solstheim]], a group of Nords attempted to destroy [[Lore:Fort Frostmoth|Fort Frostmoth]] and claim the island for themselves, the Legion held them off from the Fort and from Raven Rock.{{ref|[[Oblivion:Radiant Conversations|Rumours]] in Oblivion}}