Lore:Imperial Legion

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===Puppets of Pretenders===
During the [[Lore:Interregnum|Interregnum]] of the Second Era, after the dissolution of the Second Empire, the Imperial Legion became the instrument of various warlords in Cyrodiil, notably the infamous [[Lore:Tharn|Tharn]] family. Many disparaged the Legion around Tamriel during this time, claiming that it no longer exemplified the superb qualities it had in the past.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Bangkorai, Shield of High Rock}}}} At the beginning of the [[Lore:Planemeld|Planemeld]], all Legions were recalled to the [[Lore:Imperial City|Imperial City]],{{ref|name=IRO|{{Cite Book|ns_base=ON|Imperial Recall Orders}}}}, but many couldn't make it to [[Lore:City Isle|City Isle]] and instead set up isolated camps throughout the [[Lore:Heartlands|Heartlands]] as the [[Lore:Alliance War|Alliance War]] raged around them.{{ref|name=ESO|Events of [[Online:Online|ESO]]}} Legionnaires who were in the Imperial City when the Anchors began to drop were given the option to swear fealty to [[Lore:Molag Bal|Molag Bal]] by drinking the "{{Future Link|Blood of Coldharbour}}", a poison that would slowly turn the imbibers into [[Lore:Mind-Shriven|Mind-Shriven]].{{ref|[[ON:Captain Regilus|Captain Regilus]]' dialogue}} Many instead chose death, but those who turned traitor formed a new regiment called {{Future Link|Legion Zero}}.{{ref|{{Cite Book|The Drake of Blades Answers Your Questions}}}} Legion Zero cooperated with the [[Lore:Xivkyn|Xivkyn]] occupiers, and transformed the Elven Gardens District into a workshop for constructing siege equipment for the Daedric forces.{{ref|name=ICDFI|Events of [[ONOnline:ImperialDousing Citythe (DLC)Fires of Industry|ImperialDousing Citythe Fires of Industry]] quest in ESO}}
A group of loyalist legion soldiers led by Captain Anatolius Caudex, known as the Immortal Eight, created an improvised garrison in the middle of the Nobles District in the [[Lore:Imperial City|Imperial City]], where they fought against the forces of Molag Bal and against Legion Zero.{{ref|[[Online:The Imperial Standard|The Imperial Standard]] quest in ESO}} They also played a part in stopping Bal's plans to snuff out the [[Lore:Dragonfires|Dragonfires]].{{ref|[[Online:The Sublime Brazier|The Sublime Brazier]] quest in ESO}} Captain Caudex had previously defended Fort Warden from the three Alliances, being the last man to leave the fort, stating that the ''"Rebels must learn that the Empire is invincible. So we must be invincible."''{{ref|{{Cite Book|Meet the Character - Captain Caudex}}}}
Legion footsoldiers mainly use Imperial swords, steel swords, and Imperial bows.{{ref|[[Skyrim:Imperial Soldier|Imperial Soldier]]'s weapons in Skyrim}} However, other weapons are often used as well, such as broadswords, shortswords, spears, pikes, claymores, axes, daggers, warhammers, maces, and staffs.{{ref|[[Morrowind:Base Weapons|Imperial weapons]] in Morrowind}}{{ref|[[Online:Imperial Style|Imperial style]] weapons in ESO}}{{ref|[[Dragonborn:Champion's Cudgel|Champion's Cudgel]] in Dragonborn}}
The Imperial Legion also employs siege machines such as catapults, battering rams, trebuchets, and ballistae.{{ref|[[Legends:Siege Catapult|Siege Catapult]] card art in Legends}}{{ref|[[Skyrim:Windhelm Military Camp|Imperial Camps]] in Skyrim}}{{ref|[[Online:Dousing the Fires of Industry|Dousing the Fires of Industry]] quest in ESOname=DFI}}
The [[Lore:Daggerfall Covenant|Daggerfall Covenant]] based their armor designs on Reman Era Legion armor, with their chest pieces as an example.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Crafting Motif 26: Daggerfall Covenant}}}} The [[Lore:Order of the Hour|Order of the Hour]] also based their armor design on that of the Second Era legions.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Crafting Motif 40: Order of the Hour}}}}