Lore:Imperial Legion

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A group of loyalist legion soldiers led by Captain Anatolius Caudex, known as the Immortal Eight, created an improvised garrison in the middle of the Nobles District in the [[Lore:Imperial City|Imperial City]], where they fought against the forces of Molag Bal and against Legion Zero.{{ref|[[Online:The Imperial Standard|The Imperial Standard]] quest in ESO}} They also played a part in stopping Bal's plans to snuff out the [[Lore:Dragonfires|Dragonfires]].{{ref|[[Online:The Sublime Brazier|The Sublime Brazier]] quest in ESO}} Captain Caudex had previously defended Fort Warden from the three Alliances, being the last man to leave the fort, stating that the ''"Rebels must learn that the Empire is invincible. So we must be invincible."''{{ref|{{Cite Book|Meet the Character - Captain Caudex}}}}
Elsewhere in Tamriel, Legion troops under the command of the Tharns became engaged in relatively minor campaigns to annex surrounding regions, with little long-term success. Circa {{Year|2E 582}}, [[Lore:Colovia|Colovia]]n troops under [[Lore:Javad Tharn|Javad Tharn]] entered [[Lore:Aldmeri Dominion|Aldmeri Dominion]] territory in a failed attempt to annex the [[Lore:Reaper's March|Reaper's March]] region south of Colovia.{{ref|name=ESO}} Under Magus-General [[Lore:Septima Tharn|Septima Tharn]], the [[Lore:Seventh Legion|Seventh Legion]] became engaged in operations across much of Tamriel, often with very little support.{{ref|[[Online:Imperial Infiltration|Imperial Infiltration]] quest in ESO}} CircaAn 2Eexample 582,of this was when the Seventh Legion entered [[Lore:Daggerfall Covenant|Daggerfall Covenant]] territory in a failed attempt to annex [[Lore:Bangkorai|Bangkorai]].{{ref|name=ESO}} The Legion's leadership was encouraged to act ruthlessly, and they often engaged in abductions, as well as summary executions of disloyal soldiers, disobedient prisoners, or recalcitrant conquered civilians.{{ref|{{Cite Book|Septima Tharn's Leadership Maxims}}}}
A group of all-female legionnaires known as the Diamond’s Daughters intended to take part in the [[Lore:Dragonstar Arena|Dragonstar Arena]] in order to bring Imperial law and order back to Craglorn.{{ref|[[Online:Cinia Vinipter|Cinia Vinipter]]'s dialogue in ESO}}{{ref|[[Online:Lucina Fortis|Lucina Fortis]]'s dialogue in ESO}}