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|''The legend of the Grey Fox is known throughout history, yet the ones who wear the cowl remain nameless, their stories lost to the shadows. To become the next Grey Fox, you must first restore the identity of the cowl's bearer, and only then can your crimes be bereft of a name. Quest created by Kris Takahashi. (Creation is obtained via a quest.)''
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![[Skyrim:Crossbow Collection|{{Anchor|Crossbow Collection}}]]
|{{AL|C}}|December 30, 2019
|''Featuring ten new crossbows crafted from rare and high-grade materials, including Imperial, Orcish, Silver, Nordic, Glass, Stalhrim, Elven, Ebony, Daedric and Dragonbone. Purchase eight of the weapons from the Fletcher in Solitude, and track down the hideout of the Night Hunter to complete the set. A total value of 1150 credits. (NOTE: The price does not change if you already own a Creation in this Bundle. To check if you already own a Creation, look under the Purchased tab.)''