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|class=[[Skyrim:Ranger (class)|Ranger]]
|level=<!--Unknown, maybe PC&times;0.95PC×1 (range=1015-10050)-->
|faction={{Faction|HunterFaction}}; {{Faction|WIPlayerEnemyFaction}}; {{Faction|Faction that is friends with all Creatures}}; {{Faction|Friends with PredatorFaction}}
|aggress=Very Aggressive
|skills='''[[Skyrim:Archery|Archery]]''', '''[[Skyrim:Light Armor|Light Armor]]''', [[Skyrim:One-handed|One-handed]], [[Skyrim:Block|Block]]
|aggress=Very Aggressive
|moral=No Crime
|mod=[[Skyrim:Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter|Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter]]
}}[[Category:Skyrim-Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter]][[Category:Skyrim-Creation Club-NPCs]]
'''[[Skyrim:Aesrael'''|Aesrael]] is an [[Skyrim:Altmer|Altmer]] hulkynd who is encountered at a camp west of [[Skyrim:Sunderstone Gorge|Sunderstone Gorge]] during the quest [[Skyrim:Once A Hunter|Once A Hunter]]. He grew up as an orphan and gave up his life as a notorious bandit, now living at a camp with his wolf [[SR:Dusk|Dusk]]. He is hostile and will attack on sight.
Aesrael wears {{huh}}[[Skyrim:Hide Armor|Hide Armor]] and [[Skyrim:Hide Boots|Hide Boots]]. He wields {{huh}}a leveled bow, carries 50 steel arrows, a random amount of [[Skyrim:Gold|gold]], and [[Skyrim:Aesrael's Key|a key to his chest]], and has a 25% chance to carry a [[Skyrim:Lockpick|lockpick]]. The key is needed for the related quest to unlock the chest containing the [[SR:Elven Hunter Armor|Elven Hunter Armor]] and a copy of ''[[Skyrim:The Crimson Dirks, v7|The Crimson Dirks, v7]]''.
He is accompanied by Dusk, who will likely detect you before he does and attack.