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===The Path to Moonmont===
:''"We shall see you at Dune, then. I look forward to our next conversation."''
===The Fires of Dune===
Arrive in Dune and you'll find him and other Dominion leaders in the ruined house across from [[Online:Crafty Mazduni's Caravan|Crafty Mazduni's Caravan]]:
:''"What a disaster to befall such a fair city …."''
After you've spoken to Queen Ayrenn, she'll say, ''"Destruction. Devastation. Our Dominion does not deserve this treatment."''
===The Moonlit Path===
When you arrive at the Temple of the Dance, you'll find her and others outside the entrance. After speaking to the Lunar Champion, she'll say, ''"Our thoughts are with you, Hallowed. May the Green guide your steps."''
A vision of the Silvenar and the Green Lady fleeing from chaos occurs during the quest. Approach Gwaering and Indaenir and The Silvenar will start to attack:
:'''The Silvenar : ''' ''"Brace yourself … wait. Who are you?"''
===The Den of Lorkhaj===
After returning from the plane of Lorkhaj, she'll comment, ''"May the end of your Path be marked by no sorrows, no sadnesses."''
After the quest:
:After the ceremony to crown the new Mane is complete, she'll add, ''"I will admit, Hallowed. The words of the Moon-Bishop affected me deeply. But your victory here … the scent of your return to our living world. The dawn of a new day for our allies. It fills my heart with hope."''