Morrowind:Umbra Sword

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m: to the casual reader perhaps not as acquainted with the namespaced structure of UESP as the editors thereof and so unable to discern that had the artifact truly been part of the Tribunal expansion it would have been placed in the respective names…
*Umbra reappears in ''[[Oblivion:Umbra (sword)|Oblivion]]'' and ''[[Skyrim:Umbra (item)|Skyrim]]'', features in Greg Keyes's novels ''[[Books:The Infernal City|The Infernal City]]'' and ''[[Books:Lord of Souls|Lord of Souls]]'', and is a ''[[Legends:Legends|Legends]]'' {{Card|Umbra|card}}.
*This sword also appears in [[Oblivion:Umbra (sword)|Oblivion]], with a similar enchantment, though in Oblivion it is a one-handed weapon.
*As part ofWith the [[Tribunal:Tribunal|Tribunal]] expansion, this artifact can be sold to [[Tribunal:Torasa_Aram|Torasa Aram]] in the [[Tribunal:The Museum|museum]] for 30,000 gold.