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===Restore the Silvenar===
<!--:''"You follow me to my home? I should bite your feet off, and see how well you run!<br>The Hound is my consort. He has shown me the way of the wilds, and we rule over the forest, together. I need nothing from you!"''{{huh|I did not get this option to speak to her before she attacked}}-->
Enter the Audience Hall and The Green Lady will attack on sight:
:'''The Green Lady : ''' ''"How dare you threaten us?"''
:'''The Green Lady : ''' ''"The Hound is my true consort! You will not interfere!"''
The Hound will appear from a swirling read mist…
:'''The Hound : ''' ''"I'm here, Gwaering! No one can stop our union now!"''
Just as The Silvenar enters the hall:
:'''The Silvenar : ''' ''"Green Lady! Remember the Green Pact! Come to me!"''
:'''The Hound : ''' ''"No! We belong together!"''
The Silvenar casts a hold spell on The Green Lady and pulls her to him. The Hound turns hostile and attacks:
:'''The Silvenar : ''' ''"Return to the Pact, loyal hunter!"''
Once the Hound is defeated, The Silvenar turns to his lady:
:'''The Silvenar : ''' ''"And good riddance to that. Gwaering, are you hurt?"''
:'''The Green Lady : ''' ''"I'll be fine. Let's not delay the ceremony any longer."''
Speak to her and she'll say:
:''"The shadow's lifted! For the first time in many moons, my spirit is my own. I can see my destiny again.<br>Without your help, the Silvenar might never have made it back. I hope I didn't injure you."''
:'''I'll recover. You're very strong.'''
:''"I embody the physical strength of the Bosmer, but it proved useless against Hircine's magic.<br>The Hound was once my dearest friend Ulthorn. Despite everything, I thought I could make him change his destructive course. I was wrong."''
:'''What happened?'''
:''"Ulthorn allowed me to think I could reach him, but his words were wrapped in Hircine's magic as the Hound.<br>They drew out my primal spirit, and I lusted for the hunt. I felt as the ancient Bosmer must have felt, before the Pact."''
:'''How was that?'''
::''"Like there was nothing for me but blood, and the kill. If you hadn't arrived, I'd be a Houndsman, hunting innocent Bosmer. But stronger, with my power as the Green Lady encouraging others to turn feral.<br>We must complete the handfast quickly."''
:'''What do we need to do now?'''
::''"Retrieve the Handfast. It was crafted in Valeguard and sent here for the wedding ceremony.<br>Fortunately, the spinners hid it away somewhere in the city, to keep it from the Hound … and me."''
:'''Where should I look?'''
:''"Scout Anglith, chief of the Silvenar's hunters, should know.
Considering how much you've helped us already, I can't think of anyone else who deserves the honor more than you."''
:'''I'll be back soon with the Handfast.'''
After the wedding ceremony, she'll tell you:
:''"The spinners will weave your actions into the story of the Bosmer. I'll see to that myself.<br>I'm the Green Lady. They'll listen."''
Once the quest is complete, she'll tell you:
:''"I hope the Silvenar survives the handfast bonding. I know he has great spiritual reserves, but ….<br>Well, anyway, I'm certain he can handle the celebrations!"''
===The First Step===
You can speak with her before starting the ritual.