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|tempering=[[SR:Ebony Ingot|Ebony Ingot]]
|perk=[[Skyrim:Daedric Smithing|Daedric Smithing]]
|enchant=''Absorb 15 points of health. Increases speed by 7%. Targets take additional bleed damage.''
*[[Skyrim:Absorb Health|Absorb Health]], 15 pts
*Bloodthirst Display Effect
|type=[[Skyrim:One-handed|One-handed]] [[Skyrim:Sword|Sword]]
[[Skyrim:Bloodthirst|Bloodthirst]] is an Akaviri artifact created by the Tsaesci. It is similar to Dawnfang/Duskfang, and is acquired from a miscellaneous quest obtained from reading a [[Skyrim:Verrick's Note|note]] during the [[Skyrim:A Soul Divided|A Soul Divided]] quest. Tempering Bloodthirst requires {{huh}}an [[Skyrim:Ebony Ingot|Ebony Ingot]] and the {{huh}}[[Skyrim:Arcane Blacksmith|Arcane Blacksmith]] perk.<includeonly>
For more information, see the [[Skyrim:Bloodthirst|Bloodthirst]] article.</includeonly><noinclude>