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===Reap What Is Sown===
Gwaering will continue:
:''"The Drublog refuse to tell me anything. After what happened in Velyn Harbor, I can guess why.<br>You helped at the harbor. Can I count on you here too?"''
:'''What do you need?'''
:''"Another pair of eyes. I need to meet with the chieftain, [[Online:Chieftain Agrakh|Chieftain Agrakh]], and my travel will be limited.<br>But I can make a glamour—a disguise—for you. As a Drublog soldier, you'll be able to go where I can't."''
:'''You want to disguise me as Drublog soldier?'''
:''"First, take a lock of hair from a Drublog champion … with a blade, if you have to. Chieftain Agrakh will respect your strength and allow you to attend the meeting.<br>If he lies to us? I'll make a glamour with the lock of hair. Then you can look around."''
:'''I'll get to work.'''
:''"Meet me at Chieftain Agrakh's longhouse when you're done. If his answers don't satisfy me, we'll put those locks of hair to good use."''
Collect the lock of hair and go to the [[Online:Chieftain's Longhouse|Chieftain's Longhouse]]. After speaking to Agrakh, Gwaering will arrive:
:'''[[ON:Roku|Roku]]:''' ''"Are you hurt, Elf?"''
:''"As I expected. Chieftain Agrakh is hiding something, but I don't know what.<br>Good thing we've already planned for this. Are you ready for a little subterfuge?"''
:'''Yes. Once I'm disguised, what should I do?'''
:''"I want you to find their shaman. I saw him heading to the beach a short while ago.<br>The chieftain is waiting for something, and I need to find out what. Find a good hiding place and listen in."''
:'''All right. I'm ready for the disguise.'''
:''"Good. Follow me—we want to be a little less … visible for this."''
As she turns to leave, she'll address [[ON:Roku|Roku]]:
:'''The Green Lady : ''' ''"You don't want this war, Roku.
The Green Lady : ''' ''"I've known this clan for years. We've never been allies, but this hostility is unexpected."''
Step outside the longhouse and Gwaering will cast her spell:
:'''The Green Lady : ''' ''"This should let you talk to the Drublog without bloodshed."''
After destroying each totem, Roku will run to Gwaering's aid:
:'''[[ON:Roku|Roku]]:''' ''"Are you hurt, Elf?"''
:'''[[ON:Shaman Glazulg|Shaman Glazulg]]:''' ''"Roku! Stay back!"''
:'''The Hound:''' ''"Though I am in Silvenar's city, I have power. Chieftain, cut them down!"''
:'''[[ON:Chieftain Agrakh|Chieftain Agrakh]]:''' ''"I warned you, Roku! You chose to stand against your people!"''
:'''Shaman Glazulg:''' ''"No! Brother! Stay your hand!"''
:<Chieftain Agrakh kills Roku>
Speak to the Green Lady.
:''"The Hound. He has gone too far!<br>If what he said was true, the Silvenar—my Silvenar—is gone!"''
:'''Who is the Hound? Do you know him?'''
:''"Yes. It'll take too long to explain, though. I must go after him. The Hound is my concern, and mine alone.<br>Yet, I can't just leave the Silvenar in danger. It's as if I must be in two places at once."''
:'''What are you going to do?'''
:''"I have to face the Hound. If I can reason with him, then there'll be no need to go after the Silvenar.<br>Even after all he's done, I need to give him that chance."''
===Restore the Silvenar===
:''"You follow me to my home? I should bite your feet off, and see how well you run!<br>The Hound is my consort. He has shown me the way of the wilds, and we rule over the forest, together. I need nothing from you!"''{{huh}}