Online:Ulthorn the Hound

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==Quest-Related Events==
===Reap What Is Sown===
Under the guise of a [[Online:Drublog|Drublog]] warrior, you may speak to the Hound's projection. When he appears, he'll ask, ''"Why do you disturb me?"''
:''"You have your orders, Drublog. Why do you disturb me? Has something gone wrong?"''
:'''Can you go over the plan again?'''
:''"[[Online:Gwaering|The Green Lady]] must be detained until my arrival. I've given the materials you need for her bindings. She is not to be harmed, else your tribe will pay in blood.<br>[[ON:Velyn Harbor|Velyn Harbor]] is but the first gift. The conquest of a hundred cities await, if my will is done."''
:'''I understand.'''
:''"Then begone. I have many things to prepare in [[Online:Silvenar|Silvenar]] before I can return to [[Online:Dra'bul|Dra'bul]].<br>See that no one interferes with the ritual. The Green Lady must not escape."''
During the confrontation with the Chieftain, the Hound will partake in the following interaction.