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|Carts||15 mph
|Levitate (Up/Down)||2 mph
||Levitate (Up While Jumping)||4 mph
|Running (Speed Cheat)||120 mph
===Maps (Local, World, and Provincial)===
[[File:Daggerfall_Travel_MapDF-misc-Travel Map.png|320px|thumb|right|The Fast travel map]]There are several types of maps that you have access to in ''Daggerfall''. First is the Local Map, or "Automap," which can be accessed by pressing the "M" key. Bringing up the Automap will display a detailed bird's-eye view of your immediate vicinity. The function of this map varies depending on if you are indoors or outdoors: if you are outdoors, the map will be a fixed top down view that will display your position as a flashing yellow dot and structures (such as houses, castles and walls) as colored 2D rectangles. If you are indoors, the map will be 3D, displaying any and all corridors, rooms and passages you have discovered in detail. The grid button in the lower right and the up, down, left and right buttons in the lower left will also become usable: when activated, the grid button will change the axis (x or y) of view, while the other buttons will allow you to navigate the 3D map.
Second is the World Map, or "Travelmap," which can be accessed by pressing the "W" key (as detailed [[#Fast Travel|above]]). This map displays an atlas-like aerial view of the Iliac Bay region and its sub-regions. Clicking on any of the individual sub-regions shown on the Travelmap will bring up the Provincial Map and expand the region (which can be zoomed in by right-clicking the desired area), displaying a filterable list of all discovered dungeons, homes, temples and towns (displayed as colored dots) within its borders. The dots representing dungeons have several different colors, which change when they are visited. Tombs are red, new dungeon locations are orange, and visited dungeons are light red.
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