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'''Exploring dungeons:''' this can be a hairy experience in ''Daggerfall'', especially if dungeon crawling is not your forte. Remember that these are just suggestions, you do not have to follow them to the letter in order to be successful (or have fun).
#Follow the right hand wall method. Begin exploring the dungeon by following the right hand wall. This method can help you explore a great deal of the dungeon. Make note of teleporters, shafts, underwater areas, and other hazards but leave them until later. (Drop a coin or item to create a "loot pile marker" so you can easily find them again.) Explore doors on either side of hallways, entering any rooms beyond them and leave the doors open, but try to stick to right hand passages.
#Following the right hand wall method will still leave many areas unexplored. After exploring as much you can with this method, switch and follow the left hand wall. Check your map often now, so that you will notice unexplored areas and secret doors.
#There may still be some shafts, water, and teleporters around your "loot pile markers" left unexplored. Do these next, following similar rules as above.
#If you still haven't found what you're looking for, start again at step 1, but check the map often for unexplored passages and secret doors.
#Dungeon crawling can be tiring. If you are frustrated after several hours of exploring, take a break.