Daggerfall:Spell Maker

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* While any three effects can be combined in a given spell, it is easier to combine complementary effects in most cases. Having their durations set the same can also simplify matters. Examples include:
** '''[[Daggerfall:Water Breathing|Water Breathing]]''' and '''[[Daggerfall:Water Walking|Water Walking]]''' are usually needed in conjunction with one another.
** '''[[Daggerfall:Invisibility|Invisibility (True)|]]''', '''[[Daggerfall:Levitate|Levitate]]''', and '''[[Daggerfall:Silence|Silence]]''' create a near approximation of a ghostly form.
** A spell that does damage in the '''Area around Caster''' can solve the problem of creatures being "underfoot" when jumping, swimming or levitating down.
** '''[[Daggerfall:Spell Reflection|Spell Reflection]]''', '''[[Daggerfall:Shield|Shield]]''', and '''[[Daggerfall:Troll's Blood|Regenerate]]''' provide an easily scalable basic defense package.