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:'''[[ON:Roku|Roku]]:''' ''"Are you hurt, Elf?"''
:'''[[ON:Shaman Glazulg|Shaman Glazulg]]:''' ''"Roku! Stay back!"''
:'''The Hound:''' ''"Though I am in Silvenar's city, I have power. ChieftanChieftain, cut them down!"''
:'''[[ON:Chieftain Agrakh|Chieftain Agrakh]]:''' ''"I warned you, Roku! You chose to stand against your people!"''
:'''Shaman Glazulg:''' ''"No! Brother! Stay your hand!"''
:<Chieftain Agrakh kills Roku>
:'''The Green Lady:''' ''"ChieftanChieftain Agrakh. You have much to answer for."''
:<The Green Lady attacks Chieftain Agrakh>
:'''The Green Lady:''' ''"The Hound... I know who he truly is. It does not bode well."''
A vision of the Silvenar and the Green Lady fleeing from chaos occurs during the quest.
Speak to the Green Lady.
Speak to the Green Lady.The Hound. He has gone too far!\n\nIf what he said was true, the Silvenar—my Silvenar—is gone!
Speaking to the Green Lady in the real world after seeing the vision of the Bosmer:
:''"I'm sorry, Hallowed. The words of the [[Online:Moon -Bishop Hunal|Moon -Bishop]] have affected me greatly. The thought of my people gone feral, my Silvenar dead …."''