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During hard mode, she will summon trash mobs in great numbers. Focus the Stoneshapers, then the Root Masons, then everything else. If an Amber Projection is spawned, kill the adds before killing the phantom, or else you risk having a group member hallucinate or a Siphoning Totem spawn. Adds being present for these mechanics can make the fight more aggravating. Do not let the adds step into her Hist Ponds. Having a Stoneshaper become empowered by Amber Plasm can ruin the fight if you're not careful.
==Quest-Related Events==
[[File:ON-npc-Tree-Minder Na-Kesh.jpg|thumb|right|Na-Kesh prays to the Hist]]
NahNa-Kesh will first appear after Chudan is killed:
:'''Heem-Jas:''' ''"I am here! You draw its attention while I ... oh. Well, good job. I guess."''
:'''Tree-Minder Na-Kesh:''' ''"Muck-dwellers! What have you done?"''
:'''Heem-Jas:''' ''"It is Na-Kesh! We have killed your pet. Release the rest of the Su-Zahleel tribe, or suffer the same fate! That was good, right?"''