Lore:How We Came to Fly

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|description=A story about why Khenarthi carries True Cats to the Sands Behind the Stars.
Before {{Lore Link|Fadomai}} defied {{Lore Link|Ahnurr}} and the {{Lore Link|Nirn|world}} was born, {{Lore Link|Khenarthi}} flew swift and high, beyond even great {{Lore Link|Alkosh}}'s reach. Though she was boundless and free, she had no one to share her joy with, so she begged her mother to give her someone to share the skies. {{Lore Link|Fadomai}} gave her {{Lore Link|Jone}} and {{Lore Link|Jode}} in the night, {{Lore Link|Magrus}} in the day, and {{Lore Link|Azurah}} in the between, but each could only follow the path meant for them, and none could truly share Khenarthi's joy. Seeing this, Azurah spoke to Khenarthi a secret only they would share.