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Patch version 1.5 introduced a major game-crashing glitch connected with the improved water shaders. After installation of the patch, any attempt to go underwater would result in the game crashing. The solution to this is to delete all Skyrim data (Update and Game) in the Game Data Utility. This does not affect or include your save game data. Once this is done, reinstall the game data and the patch will update. The glitch is only present if, when updating, you have not yet downloaded patch 1.5.
the best way to have least freezing and lag is to disable autosaving (including turning off Save on Rest, Save on Wait, Save on Travel, and disable Save on Character Menu). note that you will have to save your game manually and if you die depending on how you save your game, you will start on that checkpoint.
A remastered Skyrim [[SR:Special Edition|Special Edition]] was released on PS4 on October 28, 2016.